The Benefits of Regional Cooperation

15 September 2011, 10:30 - 12:00

Discussion Points:

  • When is belonging to a region important in today’s globalised environment?
  • How transferrable are lessons in regional cooperation among different regions?
  • What are key elements of a success in regional cooperation: overlap of interests, external incentives, a venue shopping for unpopular decisions at home…?
  • How do we know that there is a true regional ownership of cooperation?
  • What are pros and cons for having a regional leader(s)?
  • Is security cooperation truly a key success indicator of regional cooperation?

H.E. Karel Schwarzenberg

Minister of Foreign Affairs‚ Czech Republic

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H.E. János Martonyi

Minister of Foreign Affairs‚ Republic of Hungary

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H.E. Nickolay Mladenov

Minister of Foreign Affairs‚ Republic of Bulgaria

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H.E. Vuk Jeremić

Minister of Foreign Affairs‚ Republic of Serbia

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H.E. Stefano Sannino

Director General, Directorate General for Enlargement‚ European Commission

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Milan Ježovica

State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs‚ Slovak Republic

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Sonja Licht

President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence‚ (Chair)

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Maja Bobić

Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia‚ (Chair)

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