Main Panel 4: Balkans: From Security Problem to Security Partner

16 September 2011, 12:00 - 13:30

Discussion Points:

  • What are the lessons learned in Balkans regarding: conflict transformation; state-building; nurturing of security cooperation?
  • How applicable these lessons are to other regions such as Northern Africa, post-Soviet space?
  • What could be the role of the Balkans in global strategic environment in a next decade?
  • In what areas could Balkans be a partner with an added value?

Karl A. Lamers

MdB, Deputy Chairman of the Defence Committee, The Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany‚

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H.E. Selmo Cikotić

Minister of Defence‚ Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Arian Starova

Vice Minister, Ministry of Defence, Republic of Albania‚

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Johann Pucher

Defence Policy Director, Ministry of Defence, Austria‚

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Jim Seroka

Professor, Auburn University‚

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Žarko Puhovski

Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb‚

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Tim Judah

Journalist, The Economist‚ (Chair)

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