Session 1: Improving Energy Security in Southeast Europe

14 September 2011, 21:00

Discussion Points:

  • Is there a consensus around a more multidimensional conception of energy security?
  • How much autonomy in designing energy policy could SEE states have in regard to the EU-Russia relations?
  • How feasible is a SEE regional energy market?
  • Rethinking Nuclear Energy Policy: did we learn a lesson?
  • “Energy poverty” as a common heritage: is there a lack of European solidarity for pursuing multinational agendas and real dialogue?

Anita Orban

Ambassador for Energy Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs‚ Republic of Hungary

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Christof van Agt

Senior Research Fellow, Clingendael International Energy Programme‚

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Milan Simurdić

Ambassador of Serbia to Norway‚ (Moderator)

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