Session 2: Upheaval in the Arab World and its Aftermath

14 September 2011, 21:00

Discussion Points:

  • What are the potential ramifications of the Arab upheaval for the Western Balkans security and stability?
  • To what extent are the often-made historic analogies with revolutions in 1989 and 1979 actually justified?
  • What may be the consequences of regime changes in the Arab world for the peace in the Middle East?
  • How can the instability in the Middle East affect European security?
  • Can Europe constructively contribute to the peaceful democratic transition in the Arab world?

Mohhamad K Shiyyab

General Manager, Middle East Security Consultants (MESC) Group‚

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Anwar Essmat El Sadat

Chairman, El Saddat Association‚

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Srđa Popović


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Alexis Crow

Research Fellow, Chatham House‚ (Moderator)

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