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Mohhamad K Shiyyab

General Manager, Middle East Security Consultants (MESC) Group



Mohammad K Shiyyab is the General Manager of the Middle East Security Consultants (MESC) Group, which he founded in January 2011. Prior to that, he was the Director General of the Cooperative Monitoring Center – Amman – which was founded in collaboration with the US Department of Energy in 2002. General Shiyyab is a former Deputy Commander of the Royal Jordanian Air Force. Since retirement in 1992, General Shiyyab served as Regional Cooperation and Human Security Advisor at Majlis El Hassan bin Talal. General Shiyyab founded and directed the Department for Disarmament & Security Studies (1993-2002), where the main focus was on issues relating to regional security and the Arab Israeli peace process. During 2009-2010, General Shiyyab was appointed as Chairman of the Board for the (Jordanian) Regional Human Security Center (RHSC). He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Management & Business Administration from Mu’tah University, Jordan, as well as several diplomas from US and British professional military colleges & institutions.