Session 5: Turkey as Regional Power: Opportunities and Challenges

15 September 2011, 17:00 - 18:30

Discussion Points:

  • How has Turkey’s foreign policy under Ahmet Davutoglu reached a “Strategic Depth” – moving Turkey from the regional to a global power?
  • Are there limits to reversing years of antagonism: Turkey’s soft power policy towards Eastern Neighbors?
  • The Istanbul Declaration on Peace and Stability in the Balkans: is Turkey enhancing its prospects for EU membership by intensifying its influence in the Balkan countries?
  • “Zero problem” policy: is Turkey using EU passivity towards Balkans to sustain its long-term strategy?

Sadan Inan Ruma

Professor, Instanbul Bilgi University‚

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Darko Tanasković

Professor, University of Belgrade‚

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Thanos Dokos

Director General, ELIAMEP‚

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Nenad Radičević

Deputy Foreign Chief, Politika Daily‚ (Moderator)

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