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Nenad Radičević

Deputy Foreign Chief, Politika Daily

‚ (Moderator)


Nenad Radićević is a foreign affairs journalist and editor with great experience in reporting on both domestic and foreign political, economic and military issues. At present he works as deputy foreign affairs editor for the national daily Politika. Prior to that, he worked for the Ekspres daily (2002-2004) and Reporter weekly (2003-2004), mainly covering daily politics and military reform. He used the opportunity to research how a lack of regional cooperation in administering war crimes justice, and particularly the practice of conducting trials in absentia, act as barrier to mobility among countries of the former Yugoslavia. Through interviews with many EU leaders and reporting from a number of EU member states, he gained knowledge on EU affairs and functioning of EU institutions. Also, he used to be a reporter from Western Balkan countries, Israel, South Korea, Turkey, etc. He was awarded by prestigious Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence (2007) while the Korea Foundation chose him as one of 22 European next-generation leaders in 2010. He has an MA degree in International Studies from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade.