Session 6: The Role of Media in Stabilization Process of the Region

15 September 2011, 17:00 - 18:30

Discussion Points:

  • Did media fail to mitigate post-conflict tensions in the Balkans?
  • When and how media contributed to stabilization process in last decade? What did the stabilizing influence depend on?
  • Is there a critical gap in media culture?
  • What could be incentives for media intervention to be more comprehensive in a period to come?

Remzi Lani

Director, Albanian Media Institute‚

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Zoran Sekulić

Director, FoNet News Agency‚

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Dragan Štavljanin

Broadcaster, Radio Free Europe‚

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Sašo Ordanoski

Director of Media and Public Affairs, VeVe Group‚

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Ljubica Gojgić

Journalist, RTV B92‚ (Moderator)

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