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Sašo Ordanoski

Director of Media and Public Affairs, VeVe Group



Sašo Ordanoski is currently Director of Media and Public Affairs at VeVe Group, an international consulting and business group headquartered in Skopje, Macedonia. Ordanoski has been a professional journalist/editor for the last 27 years contributing to many domestic and international print and electronic media. Among other things, he was Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the national public broadcaster Macedonian TV, Managing Director of the national commercial TV Alsat-M, founder and owner of the weekly Forum newsmagazine, and Macedonian country editor for the London’s based Institute for War and Peace Reporting. He is a consultant/analyst for various international organizations and institutions on media, democracy, security and political issues, as well as a member of several international organizations dealing with media and/or democracy. He teaches journalism and communication skills at the University of South-East Europe based in Tetovo, Macedonia. He is one of the founders and a standing president of Transparency Macedonia.