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Ljubica Gojgić

Journalist, RTV B92

‚ (Moderator)


Ljubica Gojgić is a reporter and editor with B92, a Serbian TV station.  From 2001, she is a special reporter from the Hague and author and presenter of a TV programme called “Proces TV” at the same station. For seven years she had been working for weekly magazine "NIN" covering political and social issues. As an Alfred Frendli Foundation scholar she worked for the “Pittsburgh Post-Gazette”, daily newspaper in Pittsburgh (US) and prior to that she was a journalist within “Europe Journalist Foundation” in Paris, as a participant in the programme funded by the EU and French government. Besides aforementioned newspaper, Gojgić also worked for daily newspaper “Democracy”. At the beginning of her carrier (1992-1995) she worked at the “INDEX” radio as a reporter, editor and presenter of a cultural magazine. Gojgić has also worked in UNMIK Office in Serbia as an assistant to the attaché in charge of print media.