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Remzi Lani

Director, Albanian Media Institute



Remzi Lani currently serves as Executive Director of the Albanian Media Institute. He spent nine years (1983-1992) as Chief Editor of Zeri i Rinise newspaper, followed by three years as Media Coordinator at the Soros Foundation. Lani is currently also Editor of the Alternative Information Network in Tirana and the first President of the South East Network of Media Centers and Media Institutes, which brings together 17 organisations in the SEE region. He is a founding member of the first Human Rights Group in Albania (The Forum for Human Rights). Lani has written widely on Balkan affairs for local and international newspapers and magazines such as: The Guardian, London; Quimera, Barcelona; El Mundo, Madrid; The International Spectator, Rome; Futuribili, Trieste; Fokus, Skopje; Nasha Borba, Belgrade; Vreme, Belgrade; Oslobodjenje, Sarajevo; Monitor, Podgorica; War Report, London; and Transition in Prague. He worked with the Aspen Institute in Berlin, the Istituto Affari Internationali in Rome, CESPI-Rome, Center for International and Strategic Studies in Washington, The Carter Center in Atlanta, and The Hellenic Foundation in Athens on a range of Balkans-related projects. At the moment, Lani is Chairman of the Board Member of the Advisory Board of Balkan Trust or Democracy and Member of the Steering Committee of GFMD (Global Forum for Media Development) and the Board of WAN (World Association of Newspapers).