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Zoran Sekulić

Director, FoNet News Agency



Zoran Sekulić is founder/owner, director and editor-in-chief of FoNet News Agency since January 1994, the first independent, private, multimedia news agency founded in ex-Yugoslavia. While working in Radio 202 Belgrade (1982/1983) and Tanjug News Agency (1983-1993) as reporter and senior editor he covered numerous political domestic and international events related with ex-Yugoslavia/Serbia in the region and worldwide, including ex-Yu Presidency talks with presidents of ex-Yu Republics on future of the Federation, International Conference on ex-Yugoslavia, chaired by Lord Carington (Holland, Hague) as well as in the EU institutions (Brussels), NATO (Brussels), European Parliament (Strasbourg), Council of Europe (Strasbourg and Paris), United nations (New York), USA (Washington), Russia (Moscow), China (Beijing, Shangai), Spain (Madrid), Greece (Athens), Romania (Bucharest) and many others. He is a member of Independent Journalistic Association of Serbia (IJAS), International Federation of Journalistis, SEEMO (South East Europe Media Organization - Vienna) and APNA (Association of Private News Agencies - Skoplje) member of Board. He graduated at Law school in Belgrade (International relations section) in 1981.