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Dragana Petrović

Executive Secretary of the Council for Gender Equality

‚ Republic of Serbia, (Moderator)


Dragana Petrović is a Gender Conslutant working as a free expert on UN Women roster. Since 2004 she is a Secretary General of the Gender Equality Council of Serbian Government. Ms. Petrović was leading several national projects, such as drafting of the National Strategy for Improving the Position of Women and Advancing Gender Equality, Comprehensive Research of the Position of Women on Labor Market, and regional cooperation of gender mechanisms in the Western Balkans. She was the Head of Serbian delegation at CoE conferences regarding gender issues in Skopje 2002 and Stockholm 2006, the presenter of Serbian CEDAW Report in 2007, etc. As a member of CDEG in 2006/2007. Ms. Petrović was a lecturer at Judicial Academy in Belgrade, at Mediteran University and Banja Luka University, and also on many different stages and seminars. Since 2010 she has been engaged in drafting of the National Action Plan for Implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 in Serbia, and several national projects regarding women, peace and security.