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About organisers

The Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence is a non-profit and non-partisan organization devoted to capacity building of decision and opinion makers who will steer Serbia towards European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Programme activities aim at institution building, strengthening the human capital of political and public leaders, and regional cooperation. Founded in 2003, the BFPE is a part of the Network of Schools of Political Studies operating under the auspices of the Council of Europe.


The European Movement in Serbia is an independent and voluntarily organization of the citizens of Serbia. It was founded on November 24, 1992 as a non-governmental, non-party and non-profit organization. EMinS is an independent institution of the democratic public and a citizens’ organization that advocates for peaceful, democratic and full European integration and a democratic and modern Serbia as a part of Europe. EMinS is a member of a pan-European network, European Movement International, and has its own network of Local Councils in 14 towns of Serbia as well as 10 organizations as collective members.  


The Belgrade Centre for Security Policy is an independent think-tank which is advocating human, national, regional and international security based on democracy and respect for human rights. The Centre works towards the consolidation of security sector reform (SSR) and security integration of the Western Balkan states into the Euro-Atlantic community by creating an inclusive and knowledge based security policy environment. It achieves these goals through research, public advocacy, education, bringing together relevant stakeholders and creating networking opportunities. It was founded as the Centre for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR) in 1997 with mission to advocate democratization of the security sector in Serbia.