Academic event 2011

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DCAF and SSR in Bulgaria

Nikolay Pavlinov Pavlov

‚ Centre for National Security and Defense Research/Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria


This paper presents a case study of Bulgaria’s efforts towards effective democratic control of the Armed Forces (DCAF) and Security Sector Reform (SSR) in the period after 1989. The main thesis is that the fulfillment of  NATO and EU membership requirements in this sphere did not automatically lead to better performance of Bulgaria’s security sector which became fragmented, feudalized and some of its elements even privatized. The principle of DCAF and civilianization of the Defense Ministry were used mainly in political power games. Nationalisation of  the security sector is needed in order to achieve real national support, civil society involvement and to fill DCAF and SSR with substance in the future.


About author:


Nikolay Pavlov holds an MA in International Relations from the Faculty of Law at Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski” and pursues a PhD in security studies. From 2001 untill 2005 he had been working at NGOs dealing with security research. Since 2004 has been an expert at the Centre for National Security and Defense Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Besides with this academic occupation he serves as Bulgaria’s National contact person (NCP) for Security theme under EU 7-th Framework Programme.